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Ner LaMaor

Ner LaMaor

The Ner LaMaor Program exists to offset the Shuls' expenses of electricity, etc. month by month. Individuals undertake responsibility for the individual months in an annual auction.

You can participate by being present at the auction, or contact the Rabbi to participate by proxy.

Here is the list of contributors for 5773:

 Month  Contributor
 Tishrei  Robert Hochstadter
 Cheshvan  George Weiss
 Kislev  Leibel Wolfe
 Teves  Zev Rosenzweig
 Shvat  Yossi Zryl
 Adar  Haim Katz
 Nisan  David Mandel
 Iyar  Eli Weinberger
 Sivan  Zev Rosenzweig
 Tammuz  Yehuda Pfeiffer
 Av  R' Fred Pfeiffer
 Elul  David Mandel