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Agudah Breakfast

There was an Agudah Breakfast parlor meeting

on Monday May 20, 2013

honoring Mr. & Mrs. Hershey Friedman
at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Mendy Friedman, 916 Pratt

Guest speaker: Rabbi Yisroel Miller
of Bais Yaakov Mikveh Israel - 
Calgary, Alberta

Pesicha Menachos

There was a
Shiur Hachana L'Maseches Menachos
that took place in our community.

We were exceedingly fortunate to have
Harav Uri Deutsch, Rosh Kollel, Kollel Yisroel Dovid
deliver this Shiur Hachana,
at 8:00 PM
Sunday evening,
March 13, 2011, 7 Adar II, 5771
Agudath Israel of Montreal, 2195 Ekers.

Click here to see the full flyer of the event.



Bar Bei Rav

On Sunday, Dec 26/'10, there was a "Bar Bei Rav" for both men and women, with Rabbi Yonasan Binyamin Weiss, shlita, the Av Bais Din of Montreal.

The first shiur was on the topic "End of Life Decisions and the Living Will", and included a panel of experts, including

  • Dr. Michael Bouhadana of the Jewish General Hospital, and
  • Mr. Jonathan Franklin, a lawyer,

 to answer questions.

Mr. Franklin presented a version of the "Living Will" for the benefit of attendees.

Followin lunch. there was a second shiur titled "Halachic Issues in Pregnancy and Childbirth".

The shiurim took place in the Agudah (2195 Ekers).