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Here are the Zmanim for Montreal, as calculated by "Kaluach".

N.B. To see the Shabbos start-end times, set the date to the Saturday date.

Important: Due to different rules in different locations for the onset of Daylight Time, if the "DST" checkbox is NOT checked automatically by the Zmanim Calculator, CHECK IT MANUALLY.

KZmanJS - Abu Mami's Javascript Halachic Times Calculator

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Lat   deg   min   N  S Lon   deg   min   W  E
          AM/PM   24H           DST
Alot Hashachar (dawn)
Hanetz Hachama (sunrise)
Sof  zman  shema (gr"a)
Sof  zman  tefillah (gr"a)
Chatzot  hayom (noon)
Mincha  gedolah
Mincha  ketana
Plag  hamincha
Shkiat  hachama (sunset)
Tzeit  hakochavim (nightfall)
Knissat  Shabbat
Motzei  Shabbat

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